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anybody who loves dogs. >> i go every year. no, i don't. >> that makes one of us. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for
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a tornado is being blamed for more than a dozen injuries. >> the tornado hit hattiesburg, tearing of trees and buildings arved a path through the town. the several buildings on the
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damaged.ere >> our students get a break on sday for the mardi gras holiday. so the university is probably pretty empty right now which is a good thing. it was like you hear turn is described. loud, very quick. the buildings were shaking and we could see the trees. this was just like after katrina. the garden survived. >> the storm threat is gone and e clean-up begins. >> the clinic also continues in rtheast on friday. more than 3 feet of snow. the weather is blamed for 14 deaths.
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in the day ahead, the man accused of killing a local nd daughter is set to go on trial. their bodies were found in a burning car. he is also suspected of killing mother andal 09.ghter in january 20 he could face a 100-year prison sentence. >> d.c. police are
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investigating a double stabbing aat happened outside of nightclub. in men and women were stabbed outsidenday morning the padley boom boom club. police say the people involved were in said the club shortly after the stabbing took place. police are now searching for the attacker. former first lady wants to become the next anne arundel ounty executive. the wife of former gov. bob ehrlich says she is the right the job.r >> i think it is significant a i think women in the county would be a big breath of fresh air. the deadline to apply is friday. and now taking in the event chevy malibu, the
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cheaper.g and the latest in a possible between u.s. airways and american. the to see you this morning, a.nd >> they are talking a lot about u.s. air-american merger for quite some time. they tell us here at the number that they are inching closer to form the world's biggest carrier. something could be hammered out week. do keep in mind that the deal be -- could still apart. in the meantime, allied financial is gearing up to repay the garment all of its bailout money. this year, -- the government all of its bailout money. speaking of autos, say you are for a new car.
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general motors is lowering the chevy malibu. the average price was cut by about $450. this is all part of an effort for the malibu to compete with better-selling mid-sized sedans like the toyota camry. more coming up in the next hour. live at blumberg had in quarters in new york. >> that is quite a distinction. thank you so much. it is 4:37 right now. it is 36 degrees. >> a huge reward has now been offered for information leading est and conviction of a former lapd officer wanted for murder. testill have the la
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>> a live look out of the capital. it is hard to see, but you know in is out there. >> very fine. >> it will be going away soon. but just in the next couple of hours. 0, it will be nothing more less.just a little s kind of what it is. it is enough to make the street what. had 61 hundredths of an
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inch. it is just enough to make it what on the roadways for you. just light plane into the district and a little bit heavier into dewey and dunkirk apolis. pushing out in the next couple of hours. i was watching the mason-dixon line in parts of pennsylvania ezing they had like fre lane. part, thingsost should be ok for you. 42 degrees and a few sprinkles at 9:00. our heightened will be 57 degrees. right, i said 57 degrees. that is 10 degrees higher than average. first, and jamie, how are the road's going? mighty what. give yourself a little extra time this morning.
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the rain always makes it a rush on the from virginia, maryland and the district, no major problems reported. ways good news. good morning to our nation's capital. no problems to report here at 355 and 28. like i said, just allow plenty time for the early morning rise -- early morning ride. let's get back to you. but we will see how that works out. 36 degrees at 4:42 on this morning. >> and sue paterno's first fter her husband's death.
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>> officials say that the that touched down sunday homesdamaged hundreds of and buildings and knocked down trees as well. than a dozen people were rt. amazingly, no one was killed. people in new england still cleaning up after a nor'easter that dumped 3 feet of snow in
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some places. driving vans have been lifted looks -- driving bans have been lifted. investigators say jonathan beat and suffocated his seven-month- old baby sister. >> and $1 million reward is now offered. the mayor of los angeles announced it saying that authorities will not turn late -- will not tolerate this slaying rampage there he vows to e police officers and more families for revenge. police have deployed dozens of officers to protect those deemed at risk. the family of joe paterno say that the university judged --
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rushed to judgment. the families report compiled by eral says former director's was factually d an immensely flawed. three administrators were covering up the allegations. >> the report comes as joe paterno's window sits down for t tv interview since his death. she responds to the allegations that her husband hat was going on. [indiscernible] >> she said her husband who died general 2012r in a moral disciplined man who twisted the truth to avoid bad publicity. the interview is today at 4:00
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p.m. right here on abc 7. dent obama delivers his state of the union address tomorrow night and is expected ut taxes and the battle, across- takeoard cuts that will effect on march 1. those cuts will likely hit the d.c. area harder than anyone else. >> 600,000 people out of work. will increase in employment is taxhe just got h increase. >> president obama has proposed trillion in debt reduction. the administration officials say president will also address gun-control on tuesday's -- on tuesday's speech. >> a 15-road girl was shot to
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death about a week after taking part in the inaugural parade. first lady michelle obama travel chicago and attended her funeral. >> gabrielle giffords will be in house chamber for the president's address on tuesday night. ed by her former successor congressman ron barbre. her husband will be there as a guest of senator john mccain. she was amended in a shooting in on, arizona and testified last month. >> investigators need your help in identifying a person who killed a woman. she was found unconscious afternoon. ied at the hospital. o the areareturned t to distribute flowers. her neighbors say they are scared. >> this is scary. this is where we live with their children and grandchildren.
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you constantly have to be scared u live.o >> investigators have a basic of a suspect, but have not released any motive or if this was a random crime or if mcintyre was targeted. the man was shot in southeast friday. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. >> feedback on the budget and future.r the will take place at 8181 professional place in and.tsville, maryl at 5:30 p.m. gins they will discuss a plan called momentum dealing with bus and .ail service >> so far, it is rainy. is slowing down. but still wet roads. >> yes. be like and damp and drizzly. we might even have a little bit
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of mr. through the noon hour. -- bit of mist through the noon hour. the wind will pick up today as the warm front moves on through. 37 degrees in manassas. 34 degrees in frederick and hagerstown. the area of low pressure is way here. the warfront is pushing through right now. we will be relatively dry between the warm and cold fronts as it passes through later on tonight. morning rain giving way to cloudy skies and mild temperatures. h will be between 52 degrees and 58 degrees. tomorrow, partly cloudy and not a bad start to the week. on wednesday, still some nty in the forecast. little wintry mix the high around 41 degrees.
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let's check on traffic this morning. >> it might be rainy, interstate 95 to start in virginia, fredericksburg, and beltway allow plenty of braking distance between you and the car in front of you. midmorning d.c., looking good. no problems to report around the capital. the john hanson highway, the stability is not great. here we camp. back to you. >> it is for caught 52 right now. up, the music industry's biggest night. ♪ coming up, and look at the b
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>> music's biggest names gathered in los angeles last grammy awards. it was a great night forouplly for q young."ng "we are singer won.ys
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prince presented record of the year. album of the year went to sons.d & >> a great lineup. biggest night was sweet for some attendees. a sweet. was a year ago that whitney houston was found dead. and it was the birthday of brandy. >> it was really hard for me that mypt on my birthday. >> whitney houston was 48 years old. >> at the weekend box office, melissa mccarthy has scored in the first lead role in a feature film. , medina "identity the spur" $36.5 million.
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if a winter storm did not stop northeast, the storm could grossed $40 million. in second place was "warm bodies." 6, 37 degrees. >> it appears apple has a new product in the works. something you definitely will ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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